“Life is Art, it never ends, it is an eternal stories.”

“Inspired by nature”

“Innovate spaces through pure designs”


We produce all sizes of

carpets, rugs, mats, cushions, bedding, embroidered bedspreads which is Exclusive design by South Korean & European designers.

Factories are in India, Kashmir, Nepal.

We use Eco-friendly materials  : Wool, Silk, Jute, Hemp, Coir

We work with hotel architects, film directors, high-end boutiques, private customers, interior designers, art museums, architectural firms.

Each design is inspired by nature. We only use very selective colors & patterns to present positive effects on people.

“We reflect refined sentiment on each product”

Sentiment is the life and soul of fine art. 

We also collaborate with European fine art’s artists.

Wall painting, art on canvas, printed pictures of fresco, abstract, botanic.


Who we are

We create everything supreme.

We love people.
We love nature.
We love colors.
We are alive, energetic.
We create valuable rugs, carpets, wall arts, chandeliers, furniture.
We make every effort to create with love.